Philanthropist Visionary And Entrepreneur Dr. Walter Jayasinge Receives Philanthropist Award From SLMANA

Jan 27, 2017


Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, Founder of Sri Lanka Foundation International, Los Angeles was honoured with the esteemed ‘Philanthropist Award’, by the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America, Western Region Inc., (SLMANA), recently. The grand presentation was held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles during the biennial SLMANA’s CME and Dinner Gala fund raiser ‘A Night of Hope’, amidst a  distinguished gathering of colleagues, well wishers, and invitees. Dr. Jayasinghe was bestowed this award for his desire to promote the welfare of others, generosity, kindness and humanitarianism.

In addition to the above, he was also honoured with the ‘Braveheart Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Arts 4 Peace Award, Beverly Hills, in recognition of his outstanding support in helping the Arts and Sharing Wisdom.

Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, is a well known figure within the Sri Lankan community in the USA. He is very respectfully and graciously known to everyone as “DR. JAY”. A visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr Jay breathes patriotism, dedication and love for all the work he does, both in Sri Lanka and the US where he now resides with his beloved family. Dr. Jay is a firm believer that ‘success is a debt, which one gives back to society’.

A true son of Sri Lanka, Dr Jayasinghe’s contribution to Sri Lanka and the US is both admirable and commendable.

While serving in his private medical practice he also contributed in many ways to the community in Los Angeles. He operated a free clinic every Saturday for many years catering to the homeless population around the Downtown LA area. All outpatient medical services and medications were provided free to the patients.

Dr. Jay was and is still involved in numerous social and religious activities. Socially he was a very active member of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles Chapter 5. He together with other Rotarians were involved in helping the many Missions in Downtown Los Angeles, taking care of the homeless, runaway kids, alcoholics etc.

Dr. Jay maintains his relationship with the country of his origin, its culture and its religion. He continues to be earnestly engaged in Buddhist activities, and is proud to be one of the founders of the first ever Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He pioneered the restoration of the fire gutted Washington Buddhist Vihara, by purchasing a plot of land for them to rebuild and move forward. He is the Founder President of the Institute of Buddha Dhamma Studies – a nonprofit organization in the State of California.

He is a Founder Trustee of the Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara of Pasadena and the Sri Rathana Buddhist Center of Anaheim. Dr Walter was very instrumental in purchasing the Anaheim Buddhist Temple, with a significant cash contribution towards it. He has also donated large sums of funds to Maithree Vihare, Maha Menuwa Asapuwa and the Riverside Temple in California.

Dr. Walter Jayasinghe is a very active member of the North America Alumni of his Alma Maters – Ananda College and St. Peter’s College, Colombo.

In June 2003 Dr. Jay incorporated two Non-Profit Organizations – namely the Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) and Los Angeles Medical Center Foundation with its head office in Los Angeles, California.

The primary mission of the Sri Lanka Foundation is to help rebuild hope and lives throughout Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan communities worldwide. The Sri Lanka Foundation is in the forefront of promoting the Sri Lankan culture and its heritage in the US, and also inspiring the younger generations to be influenced by their cultural and moral values.

Today the Sri Lanka Foundation under his patronage hosts the annual Sri Lanka Day Expo – a one of its kind in the US. This biennial Sri Lanka Awards ceremony honours Sri Lankans from all over the world for their talents and accomplishments. The ever expanding list thus far includes scholars, scientists, administrators, doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers to name a few.

“Dr. Jayasinghe was bestowed this award for his desire to promote the welfare of others, generosity, kindness and humanitarianism”

The first Tsunami Relief Run/Walk was hosted by the Sri Lanka Foundation in the City of Pasadena with well over 200 participants. Another Tsunami Relief effort made by the Sri Lanka Foundation raised more than $100,000 as donations from well wishers to construct 55 homes initially, for the displaced survivors of the tsunami, and 6 more homes subsequently. The Sri Lanka Foundation was an active facilitator for Tsunami Relief work for the coir industry, housing construction through Meththa Fund Housing construction through the Sri Subodharamaya, Peradeniya and Project Phoenix. The Sri Lanka Foundation also made a donation of an X-Ray machine to the Matara Cooperative Hospital in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Jay has helped in numerous other ways to assist his fellow Sri Lankans by way of sponsorships to the US, offering job opportunities with him for many decades.

He has sheltered many homeless Sri Lankan families until they have reached a sustainable living status. His focus on assisting the neediest students in Sri Lanka with student scholarships is another notable aspect.

Dr. Jay is a self-developed entrepreneur, invested in good deeds toward others, who has found the confident way to live a fulfilling, and satisfying life. With all of these accomplishments under his belt Dr. Jay is using the second half of his life to give back more to his community. His philanthropic work has taken his accomplishments to a new level. Dr. Jay prefers to remain anonymous in many charities he assists, so the focus is on the benefits being provided, rather than the person contributing them.

Dr. Jay could not have accomplished all of his social and charitable work without the unstinting assistance and cooperation of his amiable wife Aeshea and dependable children Adrian, Dilhani, Delon and Dishan.

This story was written by the editors of HI Magazine
Source: Philanthropist Visionary and Entrepreneur Dr. Walter Jayasinge Receives Philanthropist Award from SLMANA