View of Wilshire Medical Building after completion, circa 1928

View of Wilshire Boulevard, circa 1931

View of Westlake/MacArthur Park, circa 1937

View of Wilshire Boulevard & Bonnie Brae Street, circa 1937

View of Wilshire Boulevard with Westlake Theatre, circa 1938

Panoramic view of MacArthur Park, circa 1941

View of Wilshire Medical Building


The project’s multi-cultural/performing arts center will serve as a gathering point for community events. It will feature a culturally inclusive learning/exchange center, an art gallery, class/training rooms and an 850-seat performing arts auditorium. The project will also provide a permanent location for the Southland’s Sri Lankan community to showcase its rich arts and cultural heritage.


The Lake on Wilshire is a true transit-oriented development that links a bustling downtown Los Angeles with Koreatown’s thriving center of commerce and nightlife. It will help realize city planners’ vision for a high-density residential and commercial area adjacent to local transit. The project is located 375-feet east of Westlake/MacArthur Park Station, serving the Red and Purple lines. The project is served by nine Metro and DASH bus lines, and is conveniently accessible from the Hollywood, Harbor and Santa Monica freeways.


The Lake on Wilshire will transform the Westlake/MacArthur Park community and will provide a significant impact through both job creation and tax revenue. The project will generate 1,252 full-time and part-time construction jobs and will create 239 full-time and part-time jobs when the project is complete. The project will also generate $4.2 million in annual tax revenue from operations, including $2 million in transient occupancy and parking taxes. In total, the project will provide $83.7 million in net fiscal income to the City’s general fund over a 25-year period.


The Lake on Wilshire thoroughly embraces environmentally friendly design techniques, building materials, philosophies and local partnerships. All project buildings are designed to be highly water and energy-efficient and seek to obtain a LEED Gold certificate level. Water-saving features include rainwater capturing and filtering, sustainable measures to curb potable water use, and the utilization of cisterns to capture and store rainwater. With rooftop amenity decks atop each of the complex’s components, The Lake on Wilshire will offer water features, outdoor pools, open green spaces and observation platforms with striking views that connect downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. This project will incorporate sustainable water-sensitive urban outdoor greenery, helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect and reducing run off, while offering an environment that will result in happier and healthier residents, patrons and employees.


The Lake on Wilshire is committed to addressing community resilience by promoting technological literacy, environmental stewardship, emergency preparedness and public health. The multi-cultural/performing arts center will serve as a community resource in case of major crisis (storms, excessive heat, earthquake, community unrest and economic downturn).

East view towards Downtown Los Angeles

Aerial view with The Lake on Wilshire

Evening aerial view with its connection to the Metro

Multi-Cultural/Performing Arts Center on corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Bonnie Brae Street

Residential parking entry on Bonnie Brae Street looking North

Access from Westlake/MacArthur Park station on Westlake Avenue looking North

Access to the Quality 220-Room Hotel

Site Location


Multi- Cultural & Performing Arts Center

Site Plan